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A suitcase from the Titanic
  • A suitcase from the Titanic

    In this book, author Enrique Dick takes us into a whirlwind of family history as Samuel and Annie Andrew arrive from England, to the vast Pampas of Argentina. There the Andrew family prospers and grows. Silvano “Alfredo”, Isabel, Wilfred, Ethel, Hilda, William and Edgar are born and raised and eventually all of them will have their share of love, adventure and tragedy.

    Told by Enrique Dick, this book is based entirely on his family's real life events; from the trials and tribulations that living in Argentina brings, to the journeys that the Andrew children have around the world. This book centers mainly around the tragedy of losing his relative Edgar Andrew on the Titanic.

    Armed with the extraordinary occurrence of retrieving Edgar’s small suitcase and its contents from the Titanic, Enrique Dick embarked on a journey of discovery into his maternal family history. The result is a book that not only uncovers family secrets and historical facts, but also opens a window into lives that impacted history as it was being created.

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